10 Best Saskatoon Hotels


The Best Saskatoon Hotel for you means the one that fills the purpose you are looking to fill. Are you taking a vacation to Saskatoon and would like to know which are our top hotels for representing Saskatoon? Are you having a staycay with the kids and would like to know the best hotels for entertaining your kids; where the water slide at? Do you have family coming to stay here and need the best hotel based on a budget? Looking for our newest hotels? We found them.


Let’s do this Saskatoon. Which hotels scream you are in Saskatoon and you love it?!

1. Delta Bessborough 

We cannot deny the fact that this castle is a hard-core landmark for us Saskatonians. It was built from 1928-1932 and had to pause mid build because of a little thing known as a depression. How can you not love the history, blood, sweat and tears of this hotel? I am unable to fathom how ANYTHING was built before modern-day construction machinery. No idea. The Bess is THE hotel to stay at if you want the full Saskatoon experience and a little slice of our history. It is right downtown, along our river with our best walking paths in its backyard.

2. The James Hotel 

We love our James hotel. Straight up VIP is what you are looking for when you stay here. The reviews are fall down amazing. Trendy and downtown, right where you want to be if you are vacationing in Saskatoon and want to ‘be with the locals’.

We Love our Kids 

Staycay with the kids, show me the water slide!

3. Four Points by Sheraton 

TWO water slides! (AH AH AH AH AH, the Count from Sesame Street) This place is perfect if you have two kids, it’s like they never have to fight play together, they each have their own slide. Four Points is also one of our newer hotels, double bonus.

4. Travelodge Hotel 

You have been here for SOMETHING, but did you know that they have theme rooms? When I was a kid we stayed at the Travelodge so I have memories of running up and down the water slide stairs fifty million times because kids never tire, they leave that job for the parents.

5. Best Western Plus Blairmore 

Besides a fantastically long name they also have salt water pools, which have three benefits for us people liking benefits. The pool is ALWAYS clean, not sometimes but ALL TIMES, you’re practically enjoy a spa day for your skin when you swim in a salt water pool and if you have chlorine sensitivities..this is salt water not chlorine. Blairmore is one of our new hotel additions as well.

What About the Money? 

Travelling is great but, what is even better is when family visits us and they stay at a hotel. (not you mom! :))

6. Westgate Inn 

The theme here is hotels under $100, which is a great deal for a hotel. Rates start at $84.95.

7. Motel 6

I know our theme was hotels under a $100 but I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t give you one other affordable option, in a place that I would consider someone else’s mom staying at. Rates start at $110.99 at Motel 6, your mom will be safe and very close to Sasktel Centre because we know how much she loves her concerts.

Sparkles and Shine 

We are going to focus on the newness of the hotels in our Airport area. It really is about time, I have yet to see a city that did not have hotel options near their airport. All of these look pretty to me.

8. Courtyard by Marriott 

  • 333 Aerogreen Crescent. GREAT reviews on TripAdvisor.

9. Comfort Suites Saskatoon 

  •  203 Bill Hunter Avenue. Waterslide included.

10. Mainstay Suites 

  •  317 Aerogreen Crescent. Mainstay is the newest addition to our hotel collection near the airport.

Have you stayed in a hotel recently? Do you have a hotel recommendation for Saskatoon people and travelers?