10 Fun Things to do this Winter in Saskatoon


Winter in Saskatoon doesn’t mean hibernating 6 months of the year, does it? Yes. It ALSO means that we get a chance to enjoy the cold er snow that we have come to adorn expect. Just because we live in the ice age doesn’t mean we need to be indoors all winter. Here are our top 10 fun things to do this winter in Saskatoon.


Winter Canoeing:

 It’s the same as canoeing ANY time of year but THIS time you will be refreshed by the winter air.


Do I NEED to mention our national pastime. You know it, I know it, our bodies remember that crazy ramp that we hit at a funny angle last year. You have not lived in Saskatoon until you have gone sledding to either Pest Hill or Diefenbaker. Our only advice here would be to go when it is -20 and warmer because at -30 you can feel your face burn/freeze off.

Explore Meewasin on Snowshoes or Cross County Skis: 

 There are COUNTLESS trails and paths that run along our river and each one is scenic and allows you to explore off paths with your snow shoes for your snowshoe adventure. Take advantage of the trails with your cross-country skis.

Grab your Skates: 

 We have a beautiful area to skate in the Meewasin skating area, near the Bessborough. If you are on a date or taking friends on a local tour this winter, this is the place to skate. You can also check out the majority of our public schools, as they also have outdoor rinks.

Tourist it up with your Camera: 

 Saskatoon is a winter wonder land once it is covered in snow which gives it a totally different look. We have downtown beauty in a quaint way, cover that in snow and you have completely different pictures. We also have statues scattered all over downtown that would love to have you stand beside them and pose it up! Who doesn’t love being a tourist in their own city!?

Build a Snowman/woman: 

 When was the last time you built a snowman? Either with your friends, while on a date or with your kids, building a snowman is an AWESOME way to enjoy the snow, prepare for childhood memories to come flooding in.

Snowball Fight!: 

We BOTH know that the temperature has to be just right to make perfect snowballs. Just throw the snowball at anyone, except someone who looks grumpy or harried and hopefully they will smile and throw one back! This IS Saskatoon and we do have the most polite manners in Canada, surely they won’t be TOO mad at you.

Snow Fort!:  

This is something you want to build in December, so that you can show everyone your masterpiece all winter long. You can buy snow fort building containers which you basically PACK with snow. Build a castle or an igloo style hut, either way we have LOTS of winter and LOTS of snow in Saskatoon! If you have NEVER made a snow fort or almost found yourself stuck in one then you do not know the sheer joy.

Snow Angels: 

 This is something you will want to do in public on a busy street, not ACTUALLY on the street but a close snow patch where grass once was, for 2 reasons. 1. Everyone will think you are crazy 2. They will see you are having fun making a snow angel and will want to make one the first chance they get.

Outdoor Fire-pit Party: 

 You have not lived until you have almost froze to death near a fire with a drink in your hand. We love our backyard fires, try to find some dry firewood (or ask a friend to hook you up), tell your peeps to dress warm and plan an outdoor fire pit party!!


Did we miss any of your favourites?