10 Ways to get your Christmas on in Saskatoon

BY: KARI OLFERT, thinkSaskatoon

Christmas is 8 days away. 😳 Are you finished Christmas shopping, pre-Christmas selfies and are you in the Christmas spirit? You’re not? Too cold? Not enough snow on the ground? IDK but I’m just not feeling the Christmas spirit? Let’s jump-start your little heart into Christmas, this list only works if you live in Saskatoon.😉

You can think of 10 Ways to get your Christmas on in Saskatoon, like an instant Christmas spirit formula.
  1. WDM – You know what this acronym means but if you’re nodding your head side to side or if you are thinking ‘no’, I feel like we barely know each other. Western Development Museum has a yearly Eaton’s event that is something like 100 years old (no joke), seeing the rickety display with your kids or your inner child is an absolute MUST to get into the Christmas spirit, only if you live in Saskatoon. The Festival of Trees puts on a Christmas tree event and if you were just a little more organized you would have been able to catch that action in November, you snooze, you miss Christmas in Saskatoon.
  2. The Enchanted Forest – As any business supporting The Enchanted Forest will tell you, go check out the Enchanted Forest. Your kids or all of your friends piled into your vehicle will love hearing the Christmas station even if you have gone every year for the past 5 years, doesn’t matter, never gets old. My advice is to go during a weekday, unless you enjoy being crammed in your vehicle for what feels like a never-ending road trip with the destination being exactly where you started. The Enchanted Forest is only in Saskatoon, so if you don’t live here, yeah you miss out.
  3. Christmas Lights – Do you have any idea how much work goes into hanging Christmas lights? I don’t, I’m asking because it looks hard. Now imagine putting hundreds or thousands of lights up. I need a drink just thinking about watching someone else do all that work. You can go about the Christmas lights in three ways, The Star Phoenix has devised a list of all the decorated houses in Saskatoon, which I love (I only ask that next year, StarPhoenix puts together one for Halloween decorated houses, PLEASE). The Meadows have a Christmas light competition for the best decorated in the area (2nd year in a row). Or you could visit the reigning champion of decorated houses in Saskatoon and go straight to Clinkskill Drive. Christmas music plays in-sync with their lights. All of the Christmas lights listed above are only in Saskatoon.
  4. Persephone – Have you been to a play in Saskatoon? If not, make this one time exception, just for the sake of getting into the Christmas spirit and see A Christmas Carol. It plays until December 21st, you have extremely limited time.
  5. Santa – Santa’s knee is pretty much begging you to sit on it, not in the creepy way that this statement implies but solely for getting you into the Christmas mindset and as a complete bonus you will be at a mall and could buy a gift for two if you still have all of your shopping like me any items that you need to pick up. You can post your Santa selfie, make it your profile picture and be the MOST Christmas person you know, living in Saskatoon.
  6. Eggnog and Spiced Rum – It’s not every day that you get to drink eggs with alcohol, that drink is specifically reserved for bumping your spirit into high gear for Christmas. Or peppermint hot chocolate for the non drinking inclined.
  7. Carolling – When I say carolling I am referring to drunk singing on your neighbours step. Do you know your neighbours? You’re saying ‘not really’ but all I’m hearing is opportunity.
  8. Wear red – If you can’t beat Santa, be Santa.
  9. Catch a nasty flu – We all have one relative/friend that catches the actual worst flu JUST before Christmas, be the ill person this holiday season and when you say Merry Christmas, do it while trying to suppress a cough it’ll really show your Christmas effort.
  10. Leave work Early – The key to this is to say Merry Christmas as you do it. It is important to spread the cheer as you walk out the door (a little early, because Christmas). A really cool thing happens, let’s call it a Christmas Miracle, when you stop working, as we get closer to ‘Christmas’ other people/businesses/managers, notice and they start thinking that if everyone is ‘shut down’ for the holiday season maybe we should also slow down. Boom domino effect for everyone in Saskatoon.
Merry Christmas Saskatoon people.🎅🏼 What traditions do you have that make you feel like okay Christmas is here and I’m happy about that.😀

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