13 New Ways to Explore Saskatoon locally


When we live somewhere we start to take for granted the great city we live in; we get stuck in everydayness. I have lived in Calgary and Winnipeg and during my time there I intentionally ‘lived like a tourist’, I have also gone on a few cruises and learnt the art of exploring a new place. Together lets look at 13 New Ways to Explore our home, Saskatoon.

First things first, do you like to drink? May I recommend:

1. LB Distillers 

LB (if you do not already know) is short for Lucky Bastard. What they offer are tours and tasting of Liquors, Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and Rum. I have been on two wine tours, one in Italy and the other in Mexico, LOVED them both. If you get a chance, definitely check out LB Distillers and tag us on Twitter we would love to see your adventure.

2. Prairie Sun Brewery

I love this place, let me tell you why. The beer names are actually the best damn names for beers, ever (306 Urban Wheat, Crazy Farm Ale and seasonal inspirations) AND when I went to pick up a growler, I couldn’t quite decide what I wanted and the guy helping me was like do you want a sample and I was like hells yeah! He (oops) poured pretty much a full glass. Lifetime customer here. Their beer is fresh, local,delicious AND if you haven’t, you most certainly should.

3. Angles Salon Spa 

Rated PG: Unique Spa Day alert! Get covered in chocolate and drink red wine, it’s what dreams are made of. Who thought of this?

Do you like to sit back and be entertained? Next up: 

4. Broadway Theatre 

Looking for something new to do? Unique movies, concerts, shows you will find all of that at Broadway Theatre.

5. The Bassment 

Live jazz and roots music, have you been here? It is kid friendly AND they do weddings, who knew? *raises hand.

6. On The Boards Staging 

 On Board gives artists a place to showcase their talents and abilities, giving us a unique experience. Thank you.

Do you like to gamble? Check out: 

7. Dakota Dunes Casino

Our Vegas in Saskatoon. If you love to gamble why not save the flight and check out Dakota Dunes. You may win money, you don’t know.

8. Marquis Downs 

The only licensed track in Saskatchewan, drink AND bet on horses. This could easily prove to be a new way of exploring your day in Saskatoon. Summer months are when the races are live at Marquis.

Is shopping more your thing? Look at these places: 

9. SaskMade MarketPlace 

This is where you will find local Saskatoon produce and products. Have you read the labels on your food lately? How many of them say made in Sask.?

10. Collector’s Choice Art Gallery 

Shop for original Saskatchewan Art. Collector’s Choice is locally owned, which as we know keeps our money where it should be, in Saskatoon.

11. OLiV 

Go on an olive oil tasting adventure. I passed by OLiV during the Coffee taste test and had no idea we had this in Saskatoon. Fresh flavoured olive oil is super delicious if you do not already know.

Does history speak to you? Then shh: 

12. Marr Residence 

Tour the oldest house in Saskatoon! Who doesn’t like old stuff AND we found another place to volunteer…here.

Putting it all together: 

13. Limo Ride 

For $350 (divide the cost between you and a few friends) you can have a limousine pick you up for your Saskatoon adventure, take you somewhere (any of the places named above) and have them take you back home. This is truly experiencing Saskatoon uniquely. 

I could have easily named 50 more ways to local it up but I had to draw a line in the snow somewhere, please tell us about a unique Saskatoon experience that you have enjoyed.