15 Companies to Volunteer for in Saskatoon


Saskatoon has several organizations that would LOVE some of your time. As a bonus you get to feel great, add it to your resume, pick up a new skill or (maybe) discover a new field of interest. Here are 15 Companies to Volunteer for in Saskatoon. (Direct links are provided by clicking the name of the organization you are interested in)

1. SPCA Saskatoon  

Do you love animals AND like to contribute to your community? Call up the SPCA. They basically state that WHATEVER skill you have, they would love to utilize it. Anything.

2. Big Brother/Big Sister

If you like kids, are generally successful in your life and feel that you can add value to a child’s life then this is the place to volunteer. The Big Brothers/Bog Sisters organization looks to find a personality and interest match for both of you. They have several kinds of options for volunteering; couples for kids, in-school mentor, group activity, youth in care.

3. Saskatoon Friendship Inn 

There is nothing more humbling than feeding people who do not get regular meals. Our Saskatoon Friendship Inn are ALWAYS in need of volunteers, including holidays.

4. International Women of Saskatoon 

This organization has two openings in particular that will add value to your resume and time. They are looking for writers and editors for their newsletter and fitness and dance instructors.

5. Cosmopolitan Industries

Cosmopolitan is a company that is set up to be a day place for people with intellectual disabilities. They have all kinds of UNIQUE volunteer positions available; book club, beauty, pet therapy, recreation, quilting. If you have a hobby that matches their need, this would be the place to give some time to.

6. Canadian Diabetes Association 

The Canadian Diabetes Association gives an opportunity to teach and educate people in Saskatoon about diabetes and prevention techniques rooted in health. If you have an interest in health or teaching, this could be a really amazing experience.

7. Community Association 

I am not trying to sound like a complete opportunist here, but the City of Saskatoon has several volunteer opportunities and I am sure that I do not need to remind you that volunteering within an organization CAN lead to career opportunities. If you are looking to create a richer skill set, and be present for the newest jobs with the City of Saskatoon, look no further my friend.

8. Ovarian Cancer Canada 

Ovarian Cancer is in the top 5 for death for women (I literally JUST learnt this!). If you are looking to develop your public speaking skills AND save people this position is calling your name. They are looking for presenters. Speak it up!

9. Child Find Saskatchewan

If you are highly organized or have administration skills, Child Find needs your help in their office. But I already do this at my day job you say, but are your efforts helping families?

10. Saskatoon Zoo Society 

Never mind animals, do you like WILD animals, you will not be working with the dangerous caged variety but you will be working with the small friendly ones. This position is rooted in education, so if you like to learn and teach, do it here.

11. Abbeyfield House Saskatoon 

If you are looking to enhance or to share your professional skills, Abbeyfield House (along with other positions) is looking for board members to which you would share your knowledge in the industry and assist is guiding the future of senior care.

12. Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon 

Habitat for Humanity builds homes. They will teach you any building skills that you require or would like to develop. Volunteer your time helping families AND gain new skills. Two very large wins.

13. Salvation Army Community Center 

Entertainers, Salvation Army wants YOU. They are looking for people with any skill set to get up on stage and get it done. Read poetry, play music, theatre buff, why not test this audience with what you have.

14. Saskatoon Police Service 

If you are pro law, the Saskatoon Police Service have an online form that takes only minutes to complete.

15. Preston Park Retirement Residence 

Do you have an interest or hobby in anything? Just off the top of my head we’re looking at photography, handy man (person), events, bingo, companion, ice cream person, recreation outings. If you would like to share what you like with seniors who could use a lift, please check Preston Park out.

Do you volunteer in Saskatoon?