25 things to do if you’re bored in Saskatoon


We ALL get bored, some of us more than others. There is a cure for boredom and that is ‘doing things’. What kind of things you may be asking, it’s Thursday and there is literally nothing to do…here are 25 things to do if you’re bored in Saskatoon.

  1. SPCA – Adopt a cat. A cat will love you as long as you feed him forever. Dogs are great too but there is a commitment thing with them, not so with cats.
  2. Broadway Roastery – Drink coffee there. It’s fun and not overly commercial.
  3. Homestead – Eat ice cream. If there was ever a prescription for boredom it was ice cream, preceded by coffee.
  4. King George Hotel – Look at it. That building was built-in 1910 (give or take a couple of years), anything built before the technology we have today blows my mind. This building has been redone and is beautiful, so nice in fact you never would have known it is actually SUPER old and haunted, maybe. Look at it.
  5. Willowgrove School – Our (almost complete) newest addition to our school system in Saskatoon, welcome aboard Willowgrove, looking good sunshine.
  6. Library – Read a book, nothing escapes boredom like a book…except maybe TWO books.
  7. Rouge Gallery – Check out their latest display. The great thing about art is that it has a way of taking us to a place that we were not before.
  8. Civic Conservatory – Take in a few breaths of the Conservatory plant air. Mmm oxygen is nice.
  9. Dutch Growers – If you have never been here on a Saturday and you are bored, you should go. Unusual things happen here, like live people statues. They also sell really amazing clothes and fudge. I think I saw plants there as well.
  10. Beavers Creek – Feed some chickadees. You can’t feed chickadees and be bored at the same time, impossible.
  11. Write – Find a bench along the river and write. Maybe you are not actually bored but avoiding something, writing will lead the way right out of boredom.
  12. Bulk Cheese Warehouse – Buy some cheese. I have never seen a bored person eating yummy cheese, never.
  13. Eastside Paint – Go there. You will probably leave with some paint because we all have rooms that we want to paint.
  14. Statue Selfies – We have statues that run along the river, through downtown and in the university area, you own a phone take poses with them!
  15. Jerry’s – Eat a burger at Jerry’s, it’s local and you will more than likely see Jerry. 🙂
  16. Cineplex – Watch a movie and eat popcorn and other fried goodness.
  17. Winston’s – Drink beer. They have EVERY kind you would like to try.
  18. Doctor doctor – Go to your doctor and get that boredom checked out.
  19. Persephone Theatre – See a play.
  20. Ride the Bus – Whip around Saskatoon and stop somewhere random.
  21. Saskatoon Friendship Inn – Volunteer your time to feeding people.
  22. Find a new job – Maybe you are bored at work and it’s spilling into the rest of your dayz.
  23. Flowers! – Buy them and gift them. Bill’s House of Flowers is our choice.
  24. Exercise – Most places will give you a free workout or week pass to try their gym.
  25. Nap! – I saved the best for last. If you are bored, so bored in fact that you cease to find anything fun in our list, you my friend need a nap. Night, night.

What do YOU do when you’re bored in Saskatoon?

  • Kbean

    # 1 is just a careless statement to make. Any animal you adopt requires commitment and shouldn’t be something a person does out of boredom. Shame on this website for encouraging people to adopt cats to make their days less boring!

    • Responsible adults have a basic intelligence level and are aware that pets are work. I think we can both agree the article leans towards lightness and humour and if people choose to adopt a pet, they did not base their decision solely on this article. Pets bring love and make a life more fulfilling, therefore a person who is bored would be less bored if they had a cat. By commitment we are not suggesting that anyone should neglect their cat if they were to choose to adopt one. We LOVE cats. Love.

    • Allyce

      Good Lord. You need to get your head out of your ass..