5 Best things about Brighton

By: Kari Olfert, ThinkSaskatoon

Brighton is in a new(er) area called Holmwood in the east side of Saskatoon and like all of Saskatoon, was a chunk of farm land in recent times. If you are like anyone backed up in traffic on the way to Willowgrove, Erindale or Arbor Creek driving towards Wilson’s Greenhouse, you will have seen the signs leading into Brighton. This is the first neighbourhood to introduce itself to us like a new age tech item that we might want to own because they are getting a Keg! I love this neighbourhood intro, as it’s a great way to gain interest and investment dollars, potentially. 😉

Every area in Saskatoon has its perks, whether its affordable housing, cool restaurants or a central location (Stonebridge I’m talking to you!). And that is why being a new kid on the block can be tricky, as our housing market is moving pretty slowly and with new housing being offered in large quantities. Lets look at the 5 Best things about Brighton:

  1. Dog Park – Arriving at Brighton shortly. I drove around for close to 30 minutes so that I could take a picture for you because dog parks are great. (My favourite being Silverwood because they have a great asphalt walking path. 😍) Brighton will be home to our 9th dog park in Saskatoon.
  2. Kid Parks – You may be sensing a theme here and a love of parks. I like parks, everyone likes parks. Brighton has 2 unique parks that NO ONE is playing at because the area is being built right now! Just think of it, your kids will have total monopoly!
  3. Ponds and Walking Paths – What is great about Brighton is that they have already begun to build and design walking paths, sure they are only 7 minutes (at max.) in length but they give a great home feel to the area.
  4. Wilson’s Greenhouse – I am not going to say that Wilson’s is my favourite greenhouse in Saskatoon but I love walking through ANY greenhouse and breathing. That’s it, I like to breath in greenhouses. Mmm.
  5. Connects to 8th Street – Which will help you to avoid Highway 5 and all of its current madness. 😬

New areas are great because you can design and build your house and being the first(ish) means that you’re number 1. I think we all want to be number 1, maybe not the Riders this year but you and I definitely. Have you driven through Brighton? What do think?


Wikipedia’s 2 cents on Brighton aka Holmwood Suburban Development Area

A list of Saskatoon’s Dog Parks, Thank you City of Saskatoon

Wilson’s Greenhouse

Brighton’s Neighbourhood Concept Plan; for the extra keen

Ashfault – How I think asphalt should be spelt and now I’m not sure of the correct meaning, thank you Google