Best Breakfast Places in Saskatoon


I have been asked, more than once, where should I go for breakfast in Saskatoon? As we have already discussed I am not a restaurant connoisseur. I go where I am. I try new places but as far as globe-trotting Saskatoon on a restaurant taste test, nope. I do occasional reviews or a ‘for fun’ coffee hunt. So I did the most logical thing I could think when most recently asked, I asked you. Where are the best breakfast places in Saskatoon?

Poached Breakfast Bistro 

  • 259 2 Ave S, Saskatoon.

Recommendations for Poached were enthusiastic, so much so that I actually need to go here for breakfast. Review wise, this place looks trendy and high-end but this could be a Saskatoon bias. We tend to overrate our definition of  ‘fancy’ sometimes. So if you’re up for a little extra, breakfast food speaking, check out Poached.

Park Cafe 

  • 515 20 St W, Saskatoon.

If you like Eggs Benedict, go to Park Cafe. From my experience, no one ‘likes’ Eggs Benedict we generally LOVE Eggs Benedict and I fall into this camp. My usual place does an okay job but I don’t talk about it once I am done eating, so that’s an indication of quality. The lowdown, Park Cafe=yummy Benedict, from what I have been told, the best.

Grainfields Family Restaurant

  • 810 Circle Dr, Saskatoon.
  • 2105 8th Street, Saskatoon.

This is my go to breakfast place and it’s not that it is the best, it’s just that it’s there and convenient. My family is huge (I am doing an upward motion on my neck with the back of my hand as I say this), leaning on the side of 2 baseball teams and Grainfields can handle us. The food is consistently good, service is interesting at times but overall the experience brings me back.


  • 1718 Preston Ave North, Saskatoon.
  • 100-3020 Preston Ave., Saskatoon.

I have a confession, when Cora first opened I was so excited because I love fruit and I heard amazing things about how much actual fruit would be on my plate. Aside from the orange rind and that green thing…or ordering an ol’ fruit cup…we were talking FRUIT and I was super excited. Unfortunately my experience at Cora was not great; they had just opened and hadn’t figured out the Saskatoon system? Or maybe they didn’t know how to efficiently ship fruit here so that it didn’t taste like cardboard and was warm, like my eggs Benedict should have been? Or maybe they hired the wrong people who had no manners and this was their first serving job? Either way, would I give them a second chance? No. I still had Grainfields and we went way back. I can only imagine that your experience was better than mine.

Broadway Cafe 

  • 814 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon.

You have to believe Broadway Cafe would get on every list. Diehard fans, that is what Broadway has! I have never heard anything bad about this place, ever. So if you want to go where the happy people are, this is your eatery for breakfast.

It has become apparent to me that I need to eat more for breakfast than a green shake and coffee with coconut oil in it; more specifically I need to sample Eggs Benedict everywhere. What is your ‘go to’ favourite breakfast place in Saskatoon?