Best Coffee Places in Saskatoon


I have had a few Saskatoon peeps or ‘new to Saskatoon’ people ask me where to get coffee, and I was like…I just get it wherever I am. I like coffee, I drink it EVERYDAY so I thought going on a coffee place hunt would be a good time and maybe I would find some cool places to share with you. I did not add Tim Hortons or Starbucks to my list, we have all been there and we know what to expect. I started at Urban Spoon, found places that had higher ratings, narrowed my list to 10, grabbed a friend and set out to get a coffee buzz.

To give you an idea of the best coffee places in Saskatoon, we tried to keep some things equal (price of small coffee) and rated them according to their greatest strengths, because we’re not all looking for the same things in a coffee shop:

  • The location we went to.
  • Price of small coffee, taste, flavor.
  • Best Restaurant Feature aka my favorite thing!
  • Web presence; website or Facebook page. (I will link the headline.)

1. Collective Coffee 

  • 220-20th Street West
  • $2.00

I have a confession, I rarely go to 20th. The Farmers Market, Scotia Theatre and that’s the extent. So when I tell you that out of all the places we went to, Collective Coffee had the most delicious coffee ever..I mean it. Without exaggerating, their coffee was comparable to coffee I have had in Europe (as pictured above, mine is the espresso ;)). The restaurant itself was a bit ‘tight’ but the coffee, hands down the best in Saskatoon.

2. City Perks 

  • 801-7th Avenue North.
  • $2.00

What we really liked about City Perks was the hum of the customers. The place was packed, conversation was humming and the atmosphere was warm and friendly, this was their best feature. Smells like food when you first walk in and their coffee was smooth, deep and rich. Great for going to with friends or picking up a coffee if you have somewhere to go.

3. Honey Bun Cafe 

  • 167A-2nd Avenue South
  • $2.10

Honey Bun Cafe, was spacious and comfortable, they could easily fit more seating in and yet they keep it chill. Honey Bun Cafe’s best feature is their atmosphere. If you are looking to grab a coffee downtown or are shopping and need a break this place is a great little get away.

4. Calories 

  • 721 Broadway Avenue
  • $3.00

We made the mistake of ‘grabbing a coffee’ from Calories (as was our mission) and not sitting down. This place is PERFECT for going to with your girlfriends! There is lots of seating, it’s bright, it’s friendly AND fully staffed to take care of you..and the desserts, don’t get me started.

5. Moka Coffee Bar 

  • 411 Herold Road
  • $1.95

Moka Coffee Bar was the first place we hit up. Smelled of faint baked goods, music in the background, and the coffee was rich and smooth. This one was also a list topper for me because of the various seating choices. They had comfortable chairs, little seating ‘nooks’, and two love seats by a fireplace. (I am a sucker for the love seat/fireplace combo WITH a coffee in my hand!)

6. Herbal Time Teahouse 

  • 412 Willowgrove Avenue
  • $2.00

I broke the tea rule and had a coffee; a little piece of me died because I can see what they do best is offer all kinds of awesome TEA. As I was sipping my coffee (and drying my tears)  I observed the smell of ‘new’! (Fireplace/love seat combo aside) I really friggin love new AND the smell of new. They have board games and the seating is inviting if you are chilling alone or meeting with friends.

7. Museo Coffee 

  • 730 Broadway Avenue
  • $2.20

Feels like Broadway. Museo Coffee is where you want to go when you are shopping along Broadway and you want MORE. Feels super local, and is a great addition to your midday shopping break.

8. The Underground Cafe 

  • 430 20th Street West
  • $2.00

Trendy, open, youthful are what you can expect when you walk into the Underground Cafe. They are set up with a stage (in the back corner) for live music which would make this place come alive! They have board games set off to the side when you first walk in and LOTS of open seating. Fun place.

9. Coffee’s On Emporium 

  • 815A Gray Avenue
  • $1.75

Robust coffee, colourful, bright and unassuming. What I have learnt (and Coffee’s On Emporium is the perfect example) is that with coffee places you can never judge the book…by the other books in its immediate vicinity. A lot of businesses tend to blend or match their environment, but when you walk into Coffee’s On, you’re surprised by how open and alive it is. My favourite thing about this place was that it had two full rooms of seating. If you want to chill by yourself with a coffee, I would recommend this hideout because its perfect and no one will find you. 😉

10. The Night Oven Bakery 

  • 629B-1st Avenue North
  • $2.75

If you like croissants, you should quit reading this and go to The Night Oven Bakery right NOW. Hands down, the best in my life. What I really loved about this place was the super friendly customer service…walking through the door was like being reunited with old friends. So friendly on a personal level. Hidden gem.

Where do you like to have coffee in Saskatoon? What do you base your love of that location on? Let us know here or on Twitter @thinksaskatoon.


  • Connor Hugo

    I am almost offended that you ranked Museo below Honey Bun, Moka, and a tea house, however, if a bad experience was had there is room for understanding. Although, it is dubious that you have even been to Museo considering there is nothing on our menu priced at $2.20. Thanks for the mention though.

    • Think Saskatoon

      We definitely went to Museo. Is the price wrong? Please correct it 🙂 The list is not best to least best, we listed our favourite features of each place. Laid back, casual and Broadway local was our perspective. If we missed something that you feel is a feature, we would love to hear it!~

  • Connor Hugo

    Yay 7th!

    • Think Saskatoon

      Looks delicious!! Love the bottom right.

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  • Paul

    Coffee’s on Emporium smells of that artificial coffee aromatic – like toffee or something. Very unpleasant. In its place could go so many others: Il Secondo (not just pizza), Little Bird Patisserie (not just French pastries), Ingredients Artisan Market (not just beer, wine and spirits)… And I agree with Connor: putting a tea house ahead of one of the city’s best cafes? Seriously?