Bon Temps Cafe – Saskatoon


Bon Temps Cafe greeted us with live music played by K. K. Noguiera and The Dave Nelson Quartet. A dimly lit restaurant located in downtown Saskatoon and packed at 7:30 on a Monday night. Walls covered in expressive art and multi dimensional inspiration.

Bon Temps1

What are you eating? The menu is of New Orleans inspiration: Creoles, mussels and crawdaddys, complimented with delicious biscuits. When you first walk into Bon Temps your senses will be allured by the rectangle shaped darkness, once your eyes adjust (assuming you go in the evening) you will see that most of the tables are busy and a band will be playing to your right. I haven’t seen this much life on a Monday in Saskatoon, almost ever.

Could I get a life? Possibly.


We were seated in the middle of the restaurant, which is awkward at first because as you know we ALL want a bench seat. Everyone had their seats situated to face the band, which meant it felt like we were being stared at.

When it came time to order, I do as I do everywhere I go and asked what was the most popular item; what did everyone order when they came here? Our waitress listed most of the items on the menu, letting us know that everything was good and that they were sold out of mussels.

I ordered the Shrimp Creole because she mentioned creole first and because I like shrimp. It had spice and heat that were perfect. Unfortunately I quit drinking 7 months ago and did not sample any of their cocktails and instead had a green tea (which I am not sure was the best beverage for my meal). Any of their signature ‘drinks’ I am sure would have been more tasty. The rest of our table ordered Cup O’ Gumbo, The Bon Temps Roast Beef Peacemaker and Bronzed Gulf Scallops. For dessert I tried their peanut butter pie, omg! Truth be told I have never met a piece of sugar in ANY form that I did not love!

Scallops Sandwhich

Shrimp Creole Dessert

Overall the food was delicious, every dish held its own, the band was great for entertainment and decor was aesthetically appeasing. I even met a new friend in the washroom because I couldn’t get over how cool the washroom was and was taking a panorama, talking to ‘my friend’ when I looked up to see a complete stranger agree with my washroom comments. Which tells me the patrons are open and friendly.

I will go back to try the Cajun Spice Boil and to get a better panorama of the washroom 😉


Spice Boil

Bon Temps Cafe

Upscale Creole cuisine of New Orleans


223 2nd Avenue South,


Starters: $3.50-$18; Main Courses: $15-$30 (or market price)


Open Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (full menu until 11 p.m.) and Sun. 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. (full menu until 11 p.m.). Credit cards accepted. Full bar. No minors after 8 p.m.


Creole; Crawfish; ‘anything’ Blackened; Mussels.