The Cost of Death in Saskatoon


The cost of death in Saskatoon can imply so many different paths but the one we are going to take is the funeral route and what you can expect to pay (ish) should you die in Saskatoon. Morbid right? Then I’m doing my job. For the sake of disclaimers I will let you know straight up that I have been to two funerals; I was very young. Funerals to me are like weddings and I tend to avoid them both. Some consider this a bad thing…I consider this a good way to reserve my feelings in my body for a later date (suppress, suppress, suppress).

Let’s dive into the cost of death in Saskatoon and look at what you have to choose from.

1. Your Will 

You have one right? We ALL have a will, except you it would appear. 😉 Okay I don’t have one but it is TOTALLY on my ‘to do’ list for sometime when I think about it. The easiest way (I keep telling myself) is to write everything down on a piece of paper, this is called a Holograph Will and IS legal but can get sticky if you end up court or the people who now possess your handwritten will do. But for present day purposes YOU NOW have a will. Repeat after me, “I now have a will”. (Good job)

2. Burial, Cremation or Science? 

Which are you going to choose burial, cremation or helping to further mankind through science?

The minimal cost for a Cremation done at Cherished Memorials (website with a price calculator, I love you) is $1942.50. We’re talking bare bones, no service, funeral chapel, flowers, cardboard cremation container and no urn. If that seems too harsh we can bump it up a bit with a memorial service, evening prayer, funeral chapel, funeral coach (hearse), flowers, newspaper notice, cremation container, decent urn $5,171.25.

Burial, but wait there’s more (to spend) Saskatonians. $2,268.00 is where we start. If you would like ‘graveside’ service, funeral chapel, flowers, newspaper notice, an upgraded casket the cost if $4,861.50. (burial plot and headstone not included)

What’s this about science. What? The University of Saskatchewan has a Body Bequeathal Program and if they accept your body (the one without the beating heart) they will cover ALL of the costs. So if you help people, people help you. Cost=free. You have to contact them, (I’ve linked it for you, of course) fill out a form and then wait…for death.

3. Headstone 

Headstone prices are not listed, which can only mean one thing, SUPER cheap, and by cheap I mean whip out that credit card my friend. This could actually be the funnest part of ‘plan your funeral’ day. You could write something completely not lame on your headstone. Like “here lies [your name], just kidding I’m flying above your head right now, staring at you because I’m a ghost spirit ooooh ee oooh”.

4. Who are you going to Call? 

It would be of bad taste to make a Ghostbusters joke here. So, that’s part of the reason I did it. You wake up and you’re dead, now what? Choose a Funeral Chapel. This is something important to do before you wake up dead because ‘word on the street’ has it that we end up paying more money for a funeral when we feel guilty. I am not implying that you’re loved ones are going to feel guilty when you die, unless they colossally failed. I hope that you remind them of that now, so that expense doesn’t carry forth in to your death.

I have learnt many things with you on this death journey of ours and I am mostly excited about writing something twisted on my headstone. If you have died and have any ideas or advice about the funeral process, tell us!

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  • John Klein

    I’ve died, but I have no further comments on funerals except to note that organs should be donated when possible.