Farm Road


If you have never been on a farm road here or there around Saskatoon, then you are clearly a poser and have NEVER been here. OR you flew here and then immediately flew back. As your plane ascended flew, you witnesses the vast land neatly chopped into squares. You saw it…so then we are back to only one poser.

I learnt how to drive ‘stick’ on a farm road. I had friends who lived on farms (was never going to be my thing), the point is we have MASSIVE amounts of land. Sitting there, waiting to be seeded, snowed on, dried, plowed, eaten, pooped on. Our ancestors were lured here in promise of it. One of the only reasons that we are not overpopulated is because it gets so cold here, so EVEN though we have an AMAZING amount of land at a reasonable price, our commerce needs to back up our wealth of land. Think of the dollar when it used to be backed by gold, land backed by business. It’s how we do, or don’t.

There once was some farm land, it was all used up like a common prostitute because as far as the land could see there were a lot of other prostitues, making it common. But THIS farm land had a dream, someday the world would heat up so much that people would want to love this land and call it their own. But then the government said that wasn’t real but the scientists said it was and then the government changed its mind. What could the farm land believe?! To this day the farm land is still confused, but every year just before winter hits, he says a little prayer and it goes like this, “I really hate winter, it’s really friggin cold eh?”. The end.

The next time you have time you have a little time, you should go visit that farm road, beside that farm land, with the big tree on the corner, one mile past that yard with that fence. It misses you.

(Photo provided by Lauren)