Forestry Farm Park – Saskatoon


Not the one from the 80’s that used to smell like pee before they reconstructed it again to look equally woodish and plain but provide a WONDERFUL and NEEDED break for parents, kind of close to the washroom and concession. NO. Not that park. The one that McDonald built. The dude with the farm that makes those delicious fries.

If you are a parent and you have not checked out this park, you my friend are missing out! When there isn’t fresh snow covering everything this park is ALWAYS rocking with parents. It is surrounded by a beautiful field, perfect for playing any kind of sport, a fishing pond where our kids dangerously jump and lean over on the large rocks to get a closer look at the water AND there are picnic benches and barbecue grills (or whatever they are called) littered randomly throughout.

THAT being said, THIS is my most favourite park. I especially like the slide with the metal rollers and the bear climbing structure, the pond is pretty great too because if you lean far enough over you MAY fall in. All around goodness. The best park imo for friends, your kids and their friends but also for you and your friends. If you go there you will see what I mean. Generally the parent friends sit to the side on the benches and holler at their kids or go see what happened when one falls off something or is calling out for them. Who doesn’t love being a relaxed, yelling, loving parent?!

Forestry Farm Park has a $2 for the day, $10 (or $12) charge for a summer pass. Totally worth it. Now we wait for summer.