Top 5 Hotels for Weddings in Saskatoon


So you are FINALLY getting married?! It’s about time and also congratulations. You’re looking to spend a few dollars and want to get married in Saskatoon? Perfect, your best bet would be to get married in a hotel. They are (for the most part) already beautifully set up and have all the conveniences of feeding and housing everyone for the night(s). I took the liberty of getting the rates and deets on the TOP 5 hotels, imo in Saskatoon for weddings. We are going to look at the costs for the basic and most extravagant set up. Prices may change so this is by no means a concrete quote for you to set your budget to but more of a guideline to let you know if you ‘can swing it’ and what else you can plan for, as you chart your wedding course. It all sounds so romantic doesn’t it?


The Delta Bessborough (Wedding Pricing

601 Spadina Cres East (like you don’t know that already ) I thought I would start with our well-known Queen! EVERYONE and ANYONE knows the Bess, its one letter short of the best.

Biggest boasting feature: It looks like a friggin castle and I’ve heard its haunted, clearly 2 huge bonuses.

What you get: Whatever you want! They have rooms ranging in luxury and size. The room sizes go from 300 guests to very small intimate weddings. You can also have it outdoors in the Bessborough Garden. They have an AV set up for your music and microphone/podium for the speeches and roasts toasts.

How much dough you can expect to dole out for that: They offer Pre-wedding Make-up and manicure/pedicure packages as well as post wedding massage services. Catering can either be Plated ($48-$29) or Buffet ($46-$42), pre-reception hors d’oeuvres, late lunch, alcohol packages; extra. If you would like to ‘show up’ for your wedding day and let them do all of the work and planning, they offer a sweet package of $95 per person which includes everything, with less stress!

What their availability looks like: They are relatively open but are filling up, book now if you have your date. Felecia will be your contact and she responded quickly to my request.

Just the basics: The least amount you could spend is $29 per plate (for the vegetarian option) and have a cash bar, skipping the pre and post dinner drinks and food. Your friends will understand once they are drunk, your family may never forgive you. But isn’t that what matters anyways?


Park Town Hotel (2014 Wedding Package

924 Spadina Cres East

Biggest boasting feature: along the river my friends!

What you get: Your wedding and room set up, a king size bed for your wedding night and a complimentary gift opening room the next day, which is a pretty sweet bonus. The rooms max out at 150 and 180, be prepared for that when you plan.

How much you can expect to pay for that: The Park Town Hotel offers a Diamond Dinner Package for $35.95 and a Silver Dinner Package ranging from $35.95 to $30.95. The late lunch will cost you anywhere from $11.95-$17.95 (if you want pizza). You can also have a little romance added to your room by way of wine and chocolates for an extra $69.95.

Availability: They are open. If you have a date in mind, you can most likely land a room here. When I called I was able to get the information that I needed right away.

Just the basics: You could spend as little as $30.95 per person and have a cash bar, the added bonus here is that your hotel room is already included.


Radisson Hotel 

405 20th Street East

Biggest boasting feature: Across the street from my favourite walking path in Saskatoon. Who hasn’t done the bridge loop?!

What you get: Bridal suite, set up, family gathering room (bonus), Ballroom (bonus), free pre-drink punch without alcohol (bonus), and the usual hotel wedding features.

What that will cost your parents: Will update you on this.

What they have available: The Radisson did not call or email me back, unfortunately I am unable to provide anymore information than what was available on their site. 🙁

Just the basics: ???


The James Hotel (Wedding PDF)

620 Spadina Crescent East

Biggest Boasting Feature: They have just under 200 reviews on TripAdvisor and the majority are raving! Most likely you have Facebook friends who have made reviews. 😉

What a wedding at The James will look like: 3 days of wedding extravaganza. Plan for an event. Day 1 rehearsal, Day 2 Say I do, includes wedding day tea for your favourite family and besties and Day 3 your brunch reception. Go big or go away. The maximum number of guests is 40.

How much will a wedding their cost you: For 15-25 guests it is $4,500 and 26-40 is $6,500, you are paying for EVERYTHING to be beautiful and amazing. Your bar preference is an additional fee.

When can you get married: As soon as you pay off your credit card. Lindsay will be your contact and she both called and emailed me, great service I can see where the reviews come from.

Just the basics: You are paying $4,500. If budget is important you might want to pretend you have never heard how amazing a James Hotel wedding could be, look away my child.


Hilton Garden Inn 

90-22nd Street East

Biggest Boasting Feature: Pets are allowed!

What Hilton does for weddings: They provide an Executive Suite pro bono if you have over 150 guests, something to consider.

How much will it cost you: The Hilton provides both Buffet ($45.95 or $41.95) and Plate Service ($40.95 or $41.95 with dessert). Rehearsal dinner options cost between $21-$31 and the late lunch will cost you $13.50. If you have less than 150 guests you will be paying for you room at a 50% discount, their room prices are $299 and $325.

Availability: The Hilton does have openings in 2015 but their calendar of dates is not wide open. Tegan was my contact from The Hilton Garden Inn.

Just the basics: You COULD have a late wedding and provide a late lunch for your guests and that would cost $17.50 per plate and I can only assume that your room would not be included in that package.


If you have had a wedding in a Saskatoon hotel, tell us about your experience. For all of you engagers out there…Happy Wedding Planning!

(Photo provided by Lauren. Thank you!)