How to Land a Job in Saskatoon


Let’s look at ways you can land a job in Saskatoon, that might mean getting a new job or upgrading the one you have. Yay! I can help you with that. (We linked to sites where we could, MOST headlines are linked)


Go back. You have been there you know what they are. We have a few options in Saskatoon depending on what you are wanting to achieve and the time you have to do so.

University of Saskatchewan

 We have our very own University that offers undergrad, grad, continuing education and distance programs. If you have all kinds of time and a cash flow (from your parents or the Mr. Bank loans) the undergrad/grad route will have your back. If you are already in an industry that you like but are finding that you are in a work rut or can’t seem to get promoted, continuing education offers professional certificates. Working full time? Distance could be an asset for you. I took Commerce here and learnt all kinds of business skills.


 We also have a college. SIAST is great if you are want to get into a trade or get into the field of work quicker than University would take. Smaller class sizes and more hands on, they get right into the course topics. Faster track if you know what you want to do. The distance courses are great for upgrading your discipline around an already busy life. I took a couple of classes here and got an A+ on a paper, and I NEVER get A+ on anything, I don’t want to tell you that it’s WAY easier than University but I am also not implying that I am overly intelligent.

Saskatoon Business College

SBC offers an oppportinuty for you to enter your field of interest. Most courses are under a year-long and cost around $8,000. If you have limited job skills, this is a great starting point. Small class sizes and support.

Academy of Learning

You will find unique destinations such as, Interior design, Home inspection, Conference And Event Planner. IMO if you are considering an entrepreneurial route this college is an asset for skill development.

Universal Career College

 Travel counsellor, police sciences. This college will set you in the direction you are wanting to move towards. Great for learning underlying skills and terminology for your career of interest.

Online ninja


 Are you on LinkedIn? I know it’s really quite boring its like being at work and having to wear your work face and then not getting paid for anything. Wait, what. Actually if you are in need of a career change, LinkedIn is your ticket. Fill your profile out COMPLETELY, including a great head shot (dressed up like you would be for the job you want) and add anyone who you know that is on LinkedIn. I think I have 19 connections. That’s it. From there follow the companies and industries that you would like to get into. Start up conversations in groups that are professional and goal focused (for you) and post anything related to the industries or companies you are interested in. The beauty of LinkedIn is that interested employers will approach you.


 You have heard of a hash tag right, well forget all about that because I  won’t be going into detail about that today. Go to twitter, sign up and do a search. It can be as simple as Saskatoon. There are loads of jobs flying through that very search every. single. day.


Jobs are posted here but you can also post the kind of job you are looking for, hey stranger things have happened in Kijiji. 

Job Shopping Spree

Create a resume and a cover page that you can alter slightly for each company you are applying to work for and apply to every job of interest on the following sites.

In person

What up my peeps.


Public speaking is so scary.(I was in Toastmasters for a mere 6 months and as I drove there I had to convince myself not to go home and also death, I was praying for death) Successful people of ALL fields get together and work on their speaking. You can make valuable connections here. There several groups in Saskatoon to join, google Toastmasters Saskatoon to find a group that meets at the time you would like and has the energy you are looking for.

Aim and Fire

Well don’t fire just do the aiming part. Choose the companies you want to work for, swallow that nauseating feeling in your belly and approach them stating your intention. They will say no. You WILL need to be persistent. Personally I would choose the field I wanted to enter and then list all of the companies in Saskatoon that were part of that industry and approach each one and see if we could make something work. You get a feel for the culture within a company which is really important. If you walk into a business and everyone has their heads down and looks sort of grumpy, personally I would leave because that would not be a good fit for my personality. I talk. I talk a lot. And I also make jokes that are off the beaten path. I also like business and marketing. But not every company would be a good fit for me.


We use that term so casually so let’s continue to do that, okay? Let everyone you know, know that you are looking for such and such job. You’ll be surprised to know who knows who, especially in Saskatoon, as I always say we are looking at 1 degree of separation. Talk and let the right people find you.

Searching for a job is exciting and there are several routes that you can take to land a job in Saskatoon. Just remember that Saskatoon is a relatively small city, people know each other and people know you. Keep that in mind and happy job shopping/switching/upgrading.

Did we miss anything? Do you have a job you love? How did you land it?