Local VS Not Local Shopping


You should probably just know that straight up I am in favour of shopping locally but have enjoyed the craze and convenience of shopping not locally aka online. I have since learnt that shopping locally costs a little more (at times) but the quality and the return policies are where it is at. I would like to clarify that to me, local means a store that is located in Saskatoon, not necessarily a business from here. Lets look at the pros and cons of shopping here or there…

Pros of Shopping Online 

  • Better Prices! Sometimes, but also sometimes better prices means that that jacket that you love has been rejected by every shopper but you…;)
  • More Selection. Usually, but how do you know if that sweater will fit your grandma?!
  • Shop in your pyjamas. There’s is no denying that this is a straight up perk! Yes please!
  • You can be completely wasted and no one will judge you. You’ll probably spend more if you’re drink/shopping. Oops.
  • No Christmas music to test your sanity. Spending too much time on the internet makes us feel lonely and disconnected. Sad. Turn up the music.
  • Crowds will be the furthest thing from your mind. This is true ooh and those comfy pyjama’s.
  • Complete your ENTIRE Christmas shopping in 3 hours flat! Not if you’re drinking in your pyjama’s, that could easily turn into an ALL day event.

 Shop Locally Instead 

  • Support Saskatoon’s economy which means more jobs HERE! I am ALL for keeping the money swirling around our city as opposed to our money being shipped to who knows where. I am looking at you SaskMade.
  • Discover new stores. We have some stores here…ones that you have never thought of because you have never actually heard of them, now you can. Have you heard of Greek Art? Me either, but it looks amazing.
  • Find unique treasure. When you shop online you go in with a very focused, sometimes generic attitude. If you physically get into the stores you can find cool gifts that you never would have thought of otherwise. (Divine Goddess comes to mind)
  • Our city has a pretty casual dress code. If you can call it that. I am pretty sure by capita we have the largest sweat pant wearing population. Who needs pyjama’s?!
  • You may see someone you know. This is after all Saskatoon, of course you are going to see someone you know! Say hi, have coffee or drinks! I’m thinking McNally Robinson, I would have voted for Indigo because I LOVE their unique gift ideas but I don’t care for their coffee sitting/set up. McNally’s has a great lounge style area.
  • Christmas music will get you into the giving spirit. I love to hate Christmas music but I cannot deny that hearing it makes me feel a little happier and brings up teeny bursts of childlike joy.
  • Crowds can equal new quick friendships. We’re in this together. Whether you BOTH love the store you’re in or have both found a super sweet deal, there can be an upside to being a sardine. Midtown Plaza, what up?
  • You will find stuff for yourself. One of the hardest things (for me) is shopping for other people, its like the store was set up just for me! Or maybe that is because I shop where I like to shop and where I always find amazing stuff, for me! Either way, at the end of your shopping adventure, when you reach into your bags to show so and so all of the amazing things you bought, you will inevitably pull out the awesome thing you bought for me! Or you. Winners is one of my all time favourites, its the hardest store for me to shop for others in, but you better believe it is on my Christmas store shopping list.

As you can see either way shopping is going to put you in a little bit of debt and initially may seem as fun as a trip to the dentist but when you are all done shopping, at the very least your heart will be filled with Christmas music joy, you will have a slight buzz on from having a drink from that person you randomly bumped into AND you will have picked out your most favourite Christmas present for yourself and for people that are almost as worthy as you.


Merry Christmas and happy shopping, keep it local!

What do YOU think Saskatoon?