10 Reasons to Hit Up Saboroso in Saskatoon


The reputation supersedes Saboroso in Saskatoon, everyone I know who has ever gone will tell you that you need to hit it up. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. MEAT 

Which meat did you try? How much did you eat? Wasn’t it delicious? Who all went with you? Meat as much as you can eat. Experts will tell you to skip the salad bar so that you can pund back as much meat as possible! Appetizers? Only if it’s meat.


2. Pineapple 

Have you tried the pineapple is the second questions your friends will ask after you have told them that you FINALLY went to Saboroso. For a cool $10 you can march right out of that place with your very own freshly baked pineapple, shaped in a fancy tinfoil bird.

3. Sweet Lounge 

If you have to wait to be seated, they have a sweet lounge area where you can have a couple in a darkish, relaxed, fire place sporting atmosphere.

4. Red/Green block 

When you are good to go, ‘eat as much meat as you want’ you keep the block on your table green and when you need a ‘meat’ break flip out over to red, oh you’re hungry again?! Green means go.


5. Perfect for Groups of Peeps 

Some places are akward or not set up well for groups (of loud) amazing people. Saboroso is prefect because it is loud enough and dark enough to keep your bad ass loud self camouflaged.

6. Wall of Wine 

Fun wall of wine to gaze at as you slip in and out of your meat coma.


7. Chained Curtains 

The decor is dark, medieval and romantic. The chained curtains are used for creating s separate room, for parties…your party.


8. Fire Fountain Drink 

This is an event in itself. So much so, the restaurant stops to see copius aounts of alcohol and fire, that’s the last thing I remember until I woke up the next day.


9. Hot Tandori Chicken 

IN THE SALAD BAR. It was my favorite chicken to be had, absolutely delicious.

10. Fancy Delicious Cocktails 

If you are looking for a night out, delicious meat aside this is a GREAT place for drinks and a dessert.


Have you been to Saboroso? What did you like best?