Saskatoon: 35 Places to take Your Picture

We like pictures, taking them…posing for them..buying a new camera for them…And we seem to take pictures where ever we are at any given moment. Whether you are taking pictures of your kids, selfies or friends here are 35 places to take great pictures in Saskatoon. (We provided as many links as we could, click on the headlines)

1. Your friends backyard. 

I always like to start exactly where I am. You know that friend, the one that has the kick a$$ back yard. Ask them to please let you borrow it for some pictures. Easy, convenient and hassle free 😉

2. Spadina Crescent along the river. 

 Trees, benches, random beauty all OVER the place.

3. Stew Uzelman Pedway under Circle Drive Bridge

 (I had to google this because my directions sounded like this, go down Spadina and you know that walkway that leads to that off leash area..) At the end of this walk way they have a funky Muriel which would provide a sweet backdrop for grad pictures or non formal wedding shots.

4. Bessborough

 I would be doing a disservice if I did not mention the Saskatoon castle. Go ANYWHERE in or out of the Bess and you will get the money shots you are looking for.

5. Kiwanis Memorial Park

 Here you will find Vimy Memorial, a statue and gorgeous flowers and trees, pictures are easier when the background is taken care of.

6. River Landing

River Landing is trendy and happening in our little town. Multi dimensional, great for action shots and highly aesthetic.

7. Farmers Market.

The farmers market will add culture to your photos. If you have ever been on a cruise and stepped off the ship and spent time perusing the local tables for souvenirs, this is oddly what the farmers market feels like. So if that fits your photo theme.

8. Victoria Bridge. 

This bridge is fun to take photos of ALL by itself, I wouldn’t let people ruin my pictures by getting in them. Great for a vintage or ‘hipster’ theme.

9. Broadway

 Local culture is the name of this game. This is also where the Fringe Festival and other festivals are held. Expect colour, traffic and people to be in your background. Busy and cultural.

10. University of Saskatchewan

 There are loads of amazing buildings, fun stairs, and archways just begging you to strike a pose. Just off of the walking path along the river, there are statues that are prime and ready to go.

11. Under a bridge

 If you like a little graffiti in your shots, under the bridge is the way to go. University bridge is the one I like.

12. In front of the Saskatoon Prairie Lily

 We have like ONE boat in the river you should probably stand beside it and get your picture taken.

13. Corner of 33rd and Warman Road

A muriel is painted along the stone wall and the theme changes every year (or so), colourful, unique and ‘artsy’.

14. Graveyard

My favourite is Woodlawn Cemetery, off of 33rd Street East. If you walk around the largeness of the lot you will read the stories and histories of Saskatoon people. I can’t encourage you to take pictures because I might get accused of disrespect so I’ll let you run with this one.

15. Random strangers

ANYWHERE in Saskatoon. You could spend an entire day just asking people at random to be in your photos. Saskatonians love that.

16. Car dealership

 The idea here is to pick your favourite car and go to THAT dealership and pose in THAT vehicle. You can find me at Mercedes.

17. In the middle of a field.

If you want to get all Saskatchewan make sure to stand near a hay stack and a cow.

18. On a tractor

 while in that field near the hay stack and cow. Moo.

19. In the liquor store

With a full cart ‘on the way to the best party eva’.

20. Salon

You can get a lovely picture of yourself when you have colour in and you look like a crazy person. I like Unique and my person is Kaylee, whose brother owns that Brewery place on Quebec Ave. (Welcome to Saskabush)

21. SPCA.  

Tell everyone the saddest story ever of the cat that no one will adopt.

22. Piece of Sidewalk 

Paint lipstick on your face and shave half your head and lay on the ground with an empty bottle of rye and have your friend tag you in a picture.

23. Soboroso

It is kind of dark in there and will make you look more attractive (than you already are). You know what I’m talking about..hides the tired, drunk AND wrinkles. Peace out.

24. Train tracks. 

 You can find tracks on the perimeter of the University of Saskatchewan or anywhere all over Saskatoon. Cheese.

25. Pest hill


26. Random office

Put on a lab coat, ask someone if you can pose at their desk and title the picture, ‘my new job’.

27. Statues 

Like the one of John Lake and Chief Whitecap, in front of the Meewasin building. Pose it up.

28. Street Art 

The head split in half with the tree in the middle, on Collage Road. I have meant to take a picture of that since forever.

29. Not YOUR house

Pick ANY house, works best if you really like it and find it super ugly.

30. A cool tree

You’re probably looking at one right now, covered in HOAR frost. I love that stuff.

31. Boffins

It is set up to literally take pictures. They are awaiting you.

32. Kinsmen Park

 There are three great spots here, the kids water park area, the beautiful pathways and the new Ferris Wheel. Ooh, aah.

33. School park

On a swing or slide. I like Egnatoff in Erindale.

34. Forestry Farm.

 You have animals to choose from or the park area, both will cure your photo bug.

35. Gabriel Dumont Park

To get to Gabriel you must go to the very end of 8th Street, 8th Street West as it is known. Your picture-taking adventure begins with a sweet bridge shot (of course) and an entire path that leads to an old park, that again is great for getting pictures.

Do you have a favourite place to take pictures in Saskatoon? Did we miss any?