BOOM. We don’t want to brag because Saskatonians are a cold, humble, underrated, will kick your ass if the challenge is made easy enough and will do it while screaming something, anything really, group of people. Suck it Seattle!

As you already know, SASKATOON BEAT THE WORLD RECORD SNOWBALL FIGHT. We were up against Seattle’s record of a couple of snowballs or something and we hit 8300. In Seattle’s defence (because as a Canadian I feel the need to apologize for dominating), we thrive in cold, we make AND throw snowballs as a fun pastime AND we like to win because honestly we don’t have much else to do.

A little recap for those who didn’t attend the, let’s be honest, only event that held any importance on Sunday, January 31st 2016 in Saskatoon. Hello! If you didn’t attend, why not? And if you did attend but stood on the hill and didn’t register, WHY?! But for the rest of us champions, some of whom very likely suffered both minor and major injuries, YOU MY FRIEND ROCK. Back to the recap. We were asked to sign up online, not sure why because in theory maybe there should have been some hot chocolate and free stuff with the rough numbers in hand. When we arrived to the great Victoria park we all had to sign up (again), clipboard style without any reference to the sign up email. I sound like I’m complaining and I am, let me tell you why. This event could have been really fun! Instead it was good. Akin to a frat party, minus the alcohol (in some cases) and plus the kids (in most cases). An underfunded frat party.

With The Guiness Book of World Records, Don Aitchison our mayor and Rick Mercer; where was the hot chocolate?! Potash Corp. I’m talking to you.

A solid minute of ice/snow balls being thrown WAS THE BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE 40 minutes of standing freeze time. Luckily Saskatoon people are used to standing and freezing simultaneously.

Congratulations to all of the winners today, you know who you are. Here is a video (thank you EpicJib Areial Media) with which to spend your valuable Monday morning time on. Cheers!

Did you enjoy the snowball fight? What was your favourite part?