Saskatoon: Will You Marry Me?


Two times. The number of times I have been married. When considering my third one I would VERY carefully pick the best place that suits me because I may only get married two more times. The first time I was young and was convinced that fate was a real thing, so naturally I married someone after only knowing them two months. I eloped in Calgary and got married in someones house, which was witnessed by two people I didn’t know. The second time I married someone I knew from school,  surely marrying a non stranger was a smart thing. Two babies in and I thought a backyard wedding would be perfect. As you may have already guessed, romance isn’t at the top of my list. So when I get married again, because I will, you can be assured that I will be choosing something completely fun and different because everything else has already been done.

When choosing a venue, we need to look at a few things:

  • Do you like to have fun?
  • Are you planning on being married more than 5 years?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Indoor or outdoor?
  • More great places.

1. Do you like to have Fun?

This may seem silly, but do you?! Some weddings have the personality of a super rich aunt that talks down to you because you make terrible original life choices. These places scream fun.

  • O’Brian’s Event Center – They will FOG your wedding party! I love dry throat! If you are looking to get your party on, consider O’Brians, who needs to remember a silly thing like your wedding day anyways.
  • Roxy Theatre – A movie theatre! It’s a movie, no wait it’s your wedding!
  • Western Development Museum – I have been here 57 times and I STILL love this place. I have no idea why I love it so much, but I do. Not that I said ‘I Do’ here because I ‘didn’t’. All of your guests get to whip through the museum, best pictures ever with you and your dress! You could even do a turn of the century wedding theme. Get married in the 1913 church! OMG why aren’t you doing this?! 30 people max. Be right back, I’m going here to get married here real quick.

2. Do you plan on being Married more than 5 Years?

This matters because it directly relates to the stress you should bother having over this. We all know people who knew ‘going in’, that they were not sure about this. My advice here would be go random, you’ll be doing this again anyways.

  • Nutana Curling Club – Before you think what the hell? Am I reading the right article? Just hear me out. They do glow curling. NO ONE that you know living or dead, has EVER had a glow curling wedding. Just think about it.
  • Village Guitar Amp – Music lover, finder of original things, consider Village for you wedding. Holds 100 of your favorite people.
  • Dakota Dunes Casino – Maybe you like to gamble without skipping a beat, have I got the venue for you! Seriously this would be a sweet party, I mean a wedding.

3. Are you a Perfectionist?

Choosing a place that will look perfect is the way to go if you answered YES.

4. Indoor or Outdoor

  • The Berry Barn -…because barn and berries. Looks like a gorgeous wedding venue.
  • Boffins – You can have your ceremony and pictures at the Boffin gardens, followed by your reception, all right there.
  • The Remai Arts Centre – The wedding that I am linking to, had their ceremony on River Landing and the reception in the Remai Arts Centre.

5. More Great Places

  • Louis – On the University’s campus. I have never attended or heard of this until now but it actually looks like a pretty sweet gig. They do weddings only during the summer months.
  • German Cultural Center – I have been here once for Christmas party, had a great time! Prices are reasonable.
  • Praireland Park – Praireland is huge and they have ANY room size that you may need. You have been here and probably had a drink or two for New Years Eve or Folkfest.

Have you had a wedding in Saskatoon? Where did you have it? Would you recommend it? Tell us! Comment here, on Twitter or Facebook.

[Image from Handy Special Events]
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