How’s the Market in Saskatoon?


My name is Heather Kehoe and I am a Real estate agent. That’s right, not only am I a Real estate agent, I am like an imitation Google search. See I have learnt that when your clients, friends and family have confidence and trust in you, they trust that you will refer them to great places and people. Restaurants, spas, salons, vets, moving companies, doctors, etc. Its expected of me to know these answers for people and I like it. I am an ambassador for Saskatoon and surrounding areas. People want to know about what’s new, not only in market values, but what’s new in different neighborhoods, what’s going on in Saskatoon, what’s trending, what’s up and coming. People want to be in the know! Yes yes, I know your probably thinking okay, so you have this glamorous life as a real estate agent. You drive around in a fancy car, all glammed up, looking at houses all day, going for coffee, lunches and dinners. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a great car and a Michael Kors bag, but boy are you in for a treat. But reality is, well, I could have a reality TV show I’m going to take you on weekly adventures and no two days are ever the same. I’m going to give you Market and rental info, neighborhood and city tours and updates , introduce you to some real cool people and so much more.

“So, how’s the market?”, ah yes, the question people love to ask me! Guess what? I love to answer it. Sure, I repeat it several times a day, everyday, but I never grow tired of it, in fact, I wait for it. Patiently. Sometimes counting the seconds it takes for a person to ask me. Average time is under 30 seconds from the first hello, but I think my friend Tom holds the record for 7.4 secs, he barely gets Hello Heather, no in fact, it’s more like 2 sentences combined. It goes something like this… “Hello so how’s the market?” 🙂 No matter how long it takes for someone to ask me, it’s a guaranteed question I will get as soon as people know I am a Real Estate Agent. Why wouldn’t people ask it? Everyone wants to know about real estate. Is the market going up? Going down? Is it a buyers, sellers or balanced market? People either own a house, are thinking of buying or selling a property or may know someone who is, no matter what the reason, people love to talk about real estate and the market. Well, of course this is when I clear my throat, hold my head up and look them straight in the eye. This is my time to shine. All those long nights spent studying for my real estate exams, those long drives to Regina on cold winter nights just so I could write back to back exams and get my license sooner. All those afternoons spent staring at a financial calculator wondering why there were so many buttons and symbols( still wondering). This is what I was preparing for, this question! Well actually, this question plus many many others.

Stay tuned, your not going to want to miss this! I’m Heather Kehoe REALTOR® and it’s just another Glamorous Day In The Life of The Saskatoon REALTOR®.