Top 10 Construction Projects in Saskatoon

I love construction going on in the city, because I like change, progress and economy markers. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Construction Projects in Saskatoon right now.

1. Children’s Hospital 

You may know this as the gong show that is the new Royal University Parking lot ‘situation’. People enter the new parking lot completely confused and make their way to the ‘new temporary entrance’ through the parkade. After the confusion/construction dust settles this will be the new home of Saskatchewan’s Maternal and Children’s Hospital.

2. Traffic Bridge Replacement

The city wants to make use of the old dinosaur that we all love. A new walking path and possibly safe for cars once again. I am not holding my breath but I do love the Victoria Bridge.

3.Rehabilitation of the University Bridge

This project is going to take place May 1st-August 30th so that our University students will not be affected as much, as far downtown commuters who use the University bridge you should probably get creative in your route to work over the summer months.

4. North Commuter Parkway

This is a ginormous project and the bigger mission appears to help alleviate the traffic backing up in our North Industrial Area, beyond that vision is over my head so I will leave the explanation to the experts:

Formerly called the “North Commuter Bridge”, the North Commuter Parkway project will link the Marquis Industrial area with the University Heights area, by extending Marquis Drive across the South Saskatchewan River and connecting to McOrmond Drive at Fedoruk Drive.City of Saskatoon site

5. Kinsmen Park

One word, happy kids and a permanent Ferris Wheel.

6. Art Gallery of Saskatchewan Parkade

This project is near and dear to my heart, mostly because this project is directly obstructing my convenience to park when I go to Scotia Theatre to watch movies. Where did my parking lot go?

7. Hotel Frenzy; Airport Area

We went from zero hotels in our Airport area, (which made absolutely no sense since people use planes to come here for business and pleasure because Saskatoon is amazing and why wouldn’t we have the convenience of a hotel when our welcomed guests arrived) to a boat load of them. They look awesome.

8. IronWood Crossing 

Where you say? Preston Avenue South in Stonebridge. Commerce is commencing like crazy. Medical amenities, Tim Hortons, (how could I NOT mention them?) Sobey’s WITH alcohol, need I say more?

9. Willowgrove School 

Is SOOO close to being done, finally. This list would not be complete without mentioning Saskatoon’s newest school. There’s a new kid on the block and she’s brought it. From what I have heard this school is beautiful and amazing.

10. The Banks 

Avenue C and 19th Street. Tarp as far as the eye can see. Housing and retail are set to be built here which is really nice to see because it gives downtown a lift in looks and trend.

I decided to focus mainly on the commercial and industrial projects to give perspective to our Saskatoon economy. Know of any construction projects in Saskatoon that we missed, tag us on twitter @thinksaskatoon or comment below.