Trudeau for Saskatoon or Nah?


Before we dive into our great debate, let’s take a little drive down fact lane. What do we know about Canada’s newest Prime Minister.

Born in 1971. He is super good-looking years old. Merry Christmas!

Probably because he is super good-looking!

Mr. and Mrs. Trudeau

Mr. and Mrs. Trudeau

Which isn’t a surprise, considering most good-looking people do. Oh Pierre.

Justin Trudeau is the oldest son and if you know anything about birth order or as anyone who is the oldest will contest, the oldest is the smartest and the most attractive.

By now I am sure you know the drill. If we can procreate, we do. Trudeau did, three times.

Trudeau with his family

Trudeau with his family

Justin Trudeau is a man on a mission, he has made 189 promises!! 189! I’m not sure how many goals you have set for yourself over the next 5 years, I would like to wager that it is less than 189.

Where his campaign began

Where his campaign began

We could spend a long time rehashing fun Trudeau facts ‘borrowed’ from every internet site that ever was or we could get to the point; Trudeau for Saskatoon or Nah?

It is important to understand that Trudeau ran for office at a time when his opposition, who Saskatoon strongly disliked, was a major right-sided conservative who was anti envormenint and pro money-making. We couldn’t stand by quietly as our rivers, land and little duckies were in Harpers er harms way, could we?! Sure I heard Albertans cry as their government switched hands, something about investments and their oil industry but Alberta has been rich for SOOO long, try being Saskatchewan poor, you’ll be fine. For the most part Saskatchewan didn’t vote for Trudeau, other than extreme good looks here was someone who was bringing change and newness to an otherwise, globally speaking, grave market for the past forever years.

ALL of this changed when I started to listen to Trudeau and his vision, which incidentally is based on the larger good, at the cost of the west or less powerful few perhaps. For once the old Saskatoon adage made sense, ‘slow down’, ‘let’s think about the consequences’ said Wall. Trudeau wanted to send 25,000 refugees to Saskatchewan in the shortest time span ever and anyone who opposed wasn’t being ‘human’ enough. Granted, we supported this because what if our family needed a place and wasn’t Saskatoon built on refugees? THEN came talks about the environment and phasing out fossil fuels, Saskatchewan has an economy based almost entirely on the exportation of such fuels, oil (2nd largest province in Canada) and gas (3rd largest).

Is Trudeau the best Prime Minister for our province? Does he have our interests in mind? Is this about making a name for himself and as his motto goes, A REAL CHANGE. What will be the cost of that change?

Take 5 minutes to look at his pictures and you will very quickly see his ability to make perfect eye contact with everyone he meets and the subtle above the elbow touch to increase intimacy. I understand that this is a political move, but I become troubled when someone does not miss a beat.

Trudeau too busy being good-looking? I appreciate being on the world map, thank you Trudeau, I am not sure that the complete swing from right to left has been as good, as initially anticipated.

My vote is nah. What do you think?


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