Vacation vs Staycation in Saskatoon

Vacation vs Staycation in Saskatoon and why should you should have a Staycation. When our temps visit the -30 mark people leave, it’s the strangest thing and I’ll tell you why: 
  •  If you go on an actual vacation, it takes 2 months to ‘adjust your body temp’ to -30 again. A staycation keeps your body temp exactly where it needs to be, nice and cold.
  •  A vacation will make you tanned and people will wonder if your tan is real, rumours are annoying. A staycation keeps you nice and pasty, pasty skin is healthy skin.
  •  People will hate you because they are still cold, like before you left (them) to go on a vacation. People love other people who also staycation.
  •  You will miss at least 17, “is it cold enough for you?” conversations. That is time you can never get back. Talking about things like the weather and feeling empathy for others, increases your social intelligence, if you prize your IQ you will do the right thing and forget about a winter vacation. Be smart(er) and choose a staycation.
  •  Toque fashion comes and goes, is your toque even in style anymore? You will be wondering this the whole time you are on that beach feeling the rays (the dangerous UV rays) beating down on your skin. You should staycation in Saskatoon.
  •  The river freezing up with all of it’s steam and glory is quite an event, if you go on vacation you might miss a whole week of -32 and the river freezing completely. Staycation.
  •  Your vehicle won’t remember how to start and might instead choose to be a giant ice cube. You should not go on vacation because that might mean you have to buy a new vehicle, which is a big post vacation expense. Don’t leave just staycation.
  •  You have to buy more summer clothes if you opt for a vacation and we still have 4 months left (at least) of freezing cold. Now you have too many summer clothes that you only get to look at and you might not even like in 4 months. That’s sad. Just staycation at home.
  •  Work is just going to be waiting for you when you get back from your vacay, in fact it might even double if you leave. So don’t, just stay k?
  •  Your driveway will have at least 10 centimetres of snow when you get back from your expensive vacation. You should probably just stay home and shovel because snow can’t just shovel itself. Please staycation.
  •  Saskatoon will have a warm ‘snap’ while you are on vacation and when you get back everyone will tell you how warm it was. “It was -12 and even -9 one day”. Being away means missing things, here’s a kleenex. Don’t go, just stay already.
  •  Everyone else is doing it. The majority of people who live here are staycating, you don’t want to be unpopular do you? Being unpopular is never a good thing. Do as others do and stay.
  •  You’re probably going to enjoy yourself so much that you’ll end up laughing and relaxing AND eating more. Vacation = weight gain. Don’t do it. Just say, stay.
  •  Bugs. Wam places have them, ALOT of them. All of our bugs in Saskatoon are dead or hibernating. Staycay, bugs are scary. You should NEVER go on vacation.
  •  Planning, booking and then going on a vacation is tons of work. Shouldn’t a vacation be relaxing? If you stay home you WILL be relaxed. For the love of all things good and right with Saskatoon, stay here.
Where do you like to go when winter beats Saskatoon over the head?