Victoria Bridge Saskatoon


Let us go back in time when we were just a city who needed a bridge so that we could run supplies from one side of our city to the other, Saskatoon was not like it is today and technically it wasn’t one whole city but a few colonies (thank you grade 3 field trip!). Where was I, oh right the bridges. We (not u and I, but our ancestors) brilliantly built this city on rock and roll, no wait, around water because you can’t live very long without water and you could also shoot the wild life that drank the water and eat them for dinner or make your own clothing. I am so thankful that I do not have to shoot and skin my wardrobe.

Back to Victoria Bridge, as legend tells it or Wikipedia tells me it is actually called the Traffic Bridge (I don’t believe them) and it opened in 1907. I am not sure how a bridge can be ‘opened’ but the internets never lie. It was the only bridge our city had and has been shut down several times, for several reasons and one final time in 2010. Truth be known I have crashed my side mirror on that very bridge when I panicked as a truck with stick out windows was driving towards me, so you can imagine that this bridge has sentimental value for everyone, even those who has to take our drivers test on that bridge.

I love this bridge and even though it is crumbly and completely unsafe, I think it should be made into a city monument or made into an ice cream bridge, like B.D.I. in Winnipeg. Ice cream and bridges is like cookies and a bike helmet, you didn’t know how well the two go together until you are biking with one hand and eating your cookie and look up at the last minute to see a van that you crash into!

Three cheers for our little Victoria Bridge that used to, but doesn’t anymore.