Welcome to Willowgrove School

By now you have heard of Willowgrove School and have anticipated with everyone else, the opening. Today was THAT day. Before we take a tour, let’s looks at a few facts about Willowgrove School:

  • Willowgrove is our 44th Public Elementary School in Saskatoon.
  • Energy efficiency was focused on during the building process.
  • They have a child care centre which is internally housed and ran by Preston Early Learning Centre.
  • Willowgrove school has two stories, not for story time but skyline time.
  • You can access the second floor by stairs and an elevator.
  • Smart Screen Touch boards. What are those? New, that’s what they are and they are in most of the classrooms.
  • Various seating nooks.
  • Wall climbing in their gymnasium.

Aside from the ‘new school smell’, Willowgrove school was buzzing with energy today. For the last 6 months the students have been sharing schools, Kindergarten – Grade 3 with Ecole Forest Grove School and Grades 4 – 8 with Dr. John G. Egnatoff (thank you). This was a challenge for both the kids and the parents. For the students this meant a long bus ride to and from school, as well as separating from their siblings. Parents that drove their children now had two school times to juggle, adding an extra hour to an already busy morning. Today is a great day for Willowgrove’s housing economy AND parents with kids going to Willowgrove School.

What do you like about your child’s school? How could it be improved?