What’s On for Family Day in Saskatoon


Luckily for us Saskatoon people, family day and spring break both happen smack in the middle of our winter. I always thought it was odd considering even our groundhog doesn’t want to talk about it. What’s On for Family Day in Saskatoon, let’s take a peek.

1. Meewasin Rink 

 Family day celebrations are going on at Meewasin. If your kids like to skate, they have Blades at 1pm, sleigh rides and face painting. This is the main place to be today!

2. Cosmo Arena 

If you prefer to get your skate on and not be bothered with having a great time during the festive skating event, Cosmo Arena is offering free skating from 2pm-4pm. Everyone in your home should be awake and ready to go by 2, right? Perfect. 🙂

3. Cosmo Civic Center 

Cosmo Civic has free Family Day activities in their gym. If you have active, sports minded kids this would be a great place to check out.

4. Work 

Maybe you like to feel lonely in which case you could totally work. Forget family, you have a job to do. Seriously though, if you want to get some work done, today is the prime day since EVERYONE you know will be posting how they did nothing all day *cough *cough except spent time with family. You’re probably going to hell, I will join you.

5. Movie 

Everyone loves going to movies and eating popcorn, I said EVERYONE. The new Scotia Theatre downtown serves alcohol now, so even if you’re feeling stress from all of your family time, drink AND watch a movie, no one is going to judge you because now it’s legal. Cheers!

6. Saskatoon Zoo 

What family day list would be complete without mentioning our Saskatoon Zoo. I am not sure if you have noticed how ‘Saskatoon nice’ it is outside, it’s practically 2 fall jackets, a thick sweater, a toque and mitts warm. Zoo.

7. Costco 

It IS Monday and you do have a week to begin, you could get a jump on the competition, who is probably doing sweet eff this family day. Not you, no you pride yourself on getting groceries. Costco is open. We all love Costco and you are more than likely to see 5 people you know, so make sure you look pretty this Family shopping day. **Update Costco is closed today.

8. Mendel Art Gallery 

I am not sure if you have the Mendel in your rotating ‘to do’ this, but you really should. They have new art displays every three months. It’s the best place to be if you are looking to stretch your mind or solve a problem, on Family Day.

9. Walking 

Take your family, pets and yourself out for a walk, we have already established how warm(ish) it is outside. Walking anywhere between the Broadway Bridge and the University Bridge is scenic and interesting. If you have a dog, you could also hit up the dog park.

10. Landfill 

Who doesn’t love a trip to the landfill or as it is affectionately refereed to, the Dump. We all have things we need to throw away and family day should be your opportunity not your hindrance for cleaning out that pile of “stuff” that has been sitting there forever. They are open from 7:30am-5:00pm, you my friend can go as soon as you wake up!

11. Parks 

Our parks are not utilized enough, it’s like winter hits and we all hibernate until May. We have parks with amazing walk paths and also equipment for the kids to enjoy, each school has different things to play on. What more could you ask for? Free healthcare?! We have that too. Welcome to Saskatoon, it’s better here.

12. Ice Fishing 

You DO live in Saskatchewan and you have heard of at least one of your friends freezing or as we like to call it here, Ice Fishing. Grab some beers friends and go fishing in the middle of the lake somewhere. I am sure if you asked your 3 closest friends, at least one would be able to hook you up with an ice fishing adventure!

13. Tobogganing 

We are SOO lucky that 270 pounds of fresh snow has fallen over the last 2 days. This can only mean one thing to parents who love to send their kids down hills on pieces of plastic, best day ever! My new favorite tobogganing hill is on the corner of Clarence and Wilson. I have heard that it is called ‘The Bowl” and rumours are always true in Saskatoon.

14. Wanuskewin 

They have several walking paths to take your family on and if you have little (ish) kids that you are looking to entertain and get them nap ready..may I suggest Waneskewin?

15. Food & Drinks 

Family day can also be a great day for friends, food and drinks. Hit up your favourite restaurant or check out a new one, they’re all open and ready to feed you food and drinks! Say ahh. This is my plan for today, Bon Temps to be exact.

16. Nothing 

It IS Family Day and for a lot of you, that means an extra day off. Your couch probably misses you and I am sure that you have shows to watch. Reward yourself this family day by doing nothing.

Family Day bonus:

  • Parking meters are FREE.

If you have a Family Day tradition in Saskatoon or a to do that you love share it here, Twitter or Facebook. Happy Family Day!