Where the GOOD Contractors at, Saskatoon?


Where the GOOD contractors at, Saskatoon? I am also referring to a handy individual with skills, a trade is an upgrade and insurance is reassurance.

A common scenario is, you’re at home and your dishwasher starts to make a strange noise, which is okay because it has been kind of buzz/girgly for months now but it suddenly stops and you’re like, crap. You reset the breaker and it still doesn’t work, luckily you’re an optimist, it’ll work tomorrow morning, we all work better after a good nights sleep. Only it doesn’t work. By day 3 the smell from the rancid dishwater and the dirty dishes finally has you concede. You need a new dishwasher, the old one needs to be removed, the new one delivered and installed. What do you do?


Scenario 2, you have a four level split and one lightbulb hanging by a string, the light switch at the top of the stairs connects to nothing as far as you can tell and the little storage room in the corner has a light switch and a light but they do not communicate. What do you do? (Tell me because this is my real life story)

Scenario 3. You need your house painted. You fancy yourself as a handy do it yourselfer so you sand and repaint your trim. Your handy skills are great but sloppy and also you fear heights. Who do you call to have the rest of your house painted?

The first thing that a lot of us do is ask our friends. Hey! Can anyone recommend someone who (fill in service blank)? These referrals can be okay, great or non-existent. The yeah I think I know someone, usually has a job during the day and will try to juggle this ‘favour’ for you/their friend. This is the type of lead I refer to as okay. Perfect for when you are broke or extremely patient. The great is when this same friend knows someone who has a business related to the service you are looking for. Non existent is when your Facebook post elicits 1 like, 1 lonely got no friends like. You on your own.

The second thing we do is continue to use our mobile devices for a google search, kijiji search or a Facebook group post search. Google and Kijiji is like the new friend you just met at the bar after your fifth drink. Can I trust this person/company? It’s recommended that you always get three quotes for the job you are looking to have done. This gets tricky when the job is small, no one wants it, they would rather do ANYTHING else, like coffee, they would rather drink coffee. I have seen great success with the Facebook group post and generally the post can have nothing to do with the group and people go crazy. Saskatoon buy and sell for example, people post ‘day jobs’, friend needs milk and diapers for baby and I’m selling candles. If its complete spam they will delete it but not before a lot of responses come in. If you post, get email notifications to be safe, but also don’t spam.

The third champ of champs option is the company referral. This is my personal go to. My love affair with this technique began in a little place that I forget the name of (which is odd because Saskatoon is the size of my thumb divided by 3) but it’s where I bought some flooring…cheap, kind of ugly flooring. I had just finished ripping out all of our carpet upstairs because it was old and yucky and also because I put the cart in front of my horse, whatever that means. As I was paying for the flooring, I asked the salesperson, if they knew anyone that could and also would install the flooring. She said yes. Gave me his name and number with the added, he doesn’t work for us, which is something that they need to say but doesn’t elicit the warm and fuzzes. I called him up and told him about the job, he said he wasn’t interested in the flooring but would build our stairs. Our stairs made of ugly and cheap flooring are beautiful. You can get a company referral without actually purchasing product and the great thing is you know which companies or contractors are good because they are busy enough to be buying product which is generally a good indication of quality.good

If you are someone or know someone who is a GOOD contractor PLEASE comment below or on the Facebook link. You are in demand my friend. I would be very happy and grateful.

Have the best day ever and why wouldn’t you, we’re on our last 3 weeks of warm(ish) weather before we hibernate and do what we have to do to get through the winter, although the farmers have been gossiping in their almanac, we are in line for a warm winter, the only kick back is that we have to hear a lot of other places complain of global warming and then its fine balance between happiness for oneself but also appropriate empathy for well, the entire world. Focus.


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