Welcome to Think Saskatoon! My name is Kari and I will be your Saskatoon Think person. Our focus for Think Saskatoon will be to look at Saskatoon in depth, part experiment and part exploration through pictures that we think show Saskatoon’s awesomeness and a fun blog about Saskatoon life.

We chose to focus on Saskatoon, well mainly because we live here and its an underrated city of awesomeness and also its abnormally cold…the cold (as you know) doesn’t add to the awesome but I think anytime you have to deal with harsh elements it is something to band over. Other than tobogganing, we ALL hate the cold weather, aside from that super hairy, slightly overweight guy or the farmer that no longer feels the cold (probably because his fingers and toes are perm numb) it is something that oddly speaks to him and also any other man. I have met very few females who relish and ketchup over -30. THAT being said, we are here to focus on the beauty and fun and maybe joke about the not fun.

The little big city. One degree of separation, in that I know someone that knows you either directly or indirectly.

Think Saskatoon is going to highlight jewels of our city and give a little ‘on the ground’ insight, new ways of thinking about Saskatoon (if you will). We should call this project think saskatoon and thats just what we did and also we lived happily ever after in our little sleepy town. The end. We are not looking to cover daily news or events but if they happen to interest us, we may occasionally dip, we are mostly looking for randomness and concrete to do’s.

We are and always will be supported by local businesses. Hope you enjoy our project and if you have anything to add obviously feel to do so!