WinterShines Saskatoon: You should Go


I do not want to jinx our global warming fiesta because ANYONE from Saskatoon KNOWS that we NEVER get warm weather in January, unless you’ve hopped on a plane and bid your co-workers a farewell for 2 weeks. I can see grass and the snow is melting AND it is January. Okay, enough about the weather.

This year may be the best year to check out WinterShines in Saskatoon, so we’ve compiled a few awesome reasons to do so.

Free Stuff 

I don’t care who you are. Okay, I care or else why would I be writing this right? But seriously we ALL love free stuff, even the richest of the rich cannot resist the freebies. Here’s what WinterShines is giving you…for FREE!

    • Kiddies Ice Play Area. Go play on the ice honey, while mommy has a drink. (Everyday)
    • Ice Sculptures. Ice made into amazing things, go look at them. (Everyday)Ice Sculptures
    • Skating Rink. Kids love skating and maybe you do too. (Everyday)
    • Afternoon Tea. Mmm have you tried David’s tea? You haven’t lived until. (Sunday, January 25th & February 1st)
    • Sleigh Rides. Let’s do this! (Saturday and Sunday, January 31st & February 1st)

Sleigh Rides

  • Frozen Winter Carnival. It’s all in the name. (Friday, January 30th)
  • OLAF, ANNA & ELSA. Oh my. (Friday, January 30th)
  • Petting Zoo. Smelly animals that your kids can touch, yes! (Saturday and Sunday, January 31st & February 1st)
  • Fat Bikes. Think bike tires, biggie sized. (Saturday, January 31st)

Ice Park 

Ice Park Intro

  • Cost is a mere $2.
  • Ice Slide. For your kids to whip down.(Everyday)
  • Ice Wall. For climbing (kids 12 and older). (Everyday)Ice Wall


Pony Rides 

  • $5. You know the deal and your kids love to ride ponies. You will need to imagine them in the picture below. 😉 (Saturday & Sunday, January 31st & February 1st)Pony Rides

But wait, there’s more..

  • Yoga. They are running 3 classes Monday January 26th from 4:30-6:30. All you need to bring is a donation. (the first class is a kids class)
  • Cakes. Mmm see them, taste them and vote for your fav! Tuesday, January 27th.
  • Professional Soup Cook off. For $10, you can taste ALL of the soups and then vote for the best. Wednesday, January 28th.

If you are looking for something to do this week, go to the WinterShines at the Farmer’s Market. There will be lots to do and since this is Saskatoon you should run into at least 7 people who you know but didn’t know they were going. Have you gone? What was your favorite thing to do at WinterShines?